In undertaking investigations, MERM works with our clients' legal and security staff to support investigations involving fraud, theft of intellectual property, counterfeiting, and piracy. Our litigation support is done to the highest standards to ensure that our product is accurate and admissible.

• Asset tracing and recovery.
• Identification and investigation of internal fraud.
• Computer forensics in support of investigations.
• Identification, development and recruitment of sources to assist with difficult investigations.
• Objective assessments of client internal security procedures with a focus on safeguarding information management controls and protecting against intellectual property theft.

Our Services Include:

• Risk and Threat Assessments: Drawing upon a wealth of both field experience and analytical scrutiny our comprehensive assessments aim to provide our clients with the actionable information to ensure operational efficacy, business continuity and reassurance.

• Cyber Security and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures: In an increasing digitally reliant business world MERM offers a cyber threat analysis and risk mitigation capability. Cyber forensics can provide post incident analysis and e-discovery exploration. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TCSM) keep you and your business secure in a hostile electronic world.

• Executive Protection:MERM can provide executive protection worldwide. With a global network we can provide a timely wide ranging response from high profile security to discreet security coverage across the spectrum of threat profiles. From the provision of individual protections officers to a protective team or an advance team in country prior to our clients arrival we develop and deploy a bespoke solution for each visit requirement. Our analysis on both the level of threat and client vulnerability allow us to provide a comprehensive response capable of dealing with evolving security threats (local sources?) (travel escorts?)

Through a select network of highly qualified consultants, with extensive commercial security risk management expertise developed from many man-years of experience, within a broad spectrum of industries, MERM International continues to demonstrate its ability in analyzing the complex issues. It then works closely with its clients to develop practical and cost effective solutions to effectively manage their security risk.
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